Film Details
Genre: Period Action / Epic Adventure
Producers: Bill Broyles, Nigel Sinclair, Guy East
Writers: William Broyles, Jr. (Flags of Our Fathers, Jarhead, Polar Express, Castaway, Apollo 13), Burr Steers (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Igby Goes Down), Ian MacKenzie Jeffers (The Grey), Stephen Harrigan

Emperor follows the “origin story” of Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus.  Gaius and Marcus matriculate as young men in the powerful, sexy, and dangerous world of Ancient Rome.

The series aims to be the first that will track the boys’ evolution against the transformation of the Roman Empire.

Based on the four-book series: “The Gates of Rome,” “The Death of Kings,” “Field of Swords,” “The Gods of War.”

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