Posted April 14th, 2015

With a few exceptions, car movies are a disaster and a senseless destruction of classic musclecars. This develops a false impression among the mainstream viewers of what the actual automotive world is all about. However, A Faster Horse is a promising 90 minutes car movie and talks about the world’s most iconic and recognizable cars – Ford Mustang, and also shows real people, not fictive characters. The team upholds the legacy of this brand in the process of creating a new 2015 model, after 50 years from the originals release. In the meantime, the parallels between the past and the present day are being explored. The Mustang’s chronicles are told not only by people who are passionate about it, but also by people whose lives are being modeled by it. This movie revolutionizes the small but bold idea into an American myth. What is more interesting is the fact hat the movie presents interviews with the original Mustang designer, Gale Halderman; the Chief Program Engineer for the 2015 Mustang, Dave Periack; the Chief Technical Officer, Tom Barnes; the Executive Director, Frank Davis; Edsel Ford II as well as many Team Mustang 2015 members that talk about what it really takes to make such a genuine American muscle car.

The movie’s premiere is scheduled for April, 18 at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Director: David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi)

Executive Producers: Allesandro (Al) Uzielli, Nicholas Ferrall, and Guy East

Producers: Nigel Sinclair, Glen Zipper

Posted March 23rd, 2015

Jeremy Kay

March 5, 2015

Nigel Sinclair and Guy East’s LA-based company are commencing world sales on the Tribeca Film Festival documentary selection.

The White Horse Pictures co-founders plan to bring on a sales partner to co-ordinate the US sale of David Gelb’s film, set to receive its world premiere in the New York festival’s Spotlight section next month.

A Faster Horse tells the story of the Ford Mustang and follows the team entrusted with creating the 2015 model 50 years after the iconic car’s original release.

The film includes footage from Mustang clubs, race tracks, assembly lines and the company’s inner workings. Mark Monroe wrote the screenplay.

White Horse CEO Sinclair produces alongside Glen Zipper, the former head of documentaries at Spitfire Pictures with whom Sinclair and East collaborated when they ran Exclusive Media. East and Nicholas Ferrall are executive producers.

“We are delighted that David Gelb’s film, which celebrates one of the greatest pieces of Americana, has captured the hearts of the Tribeca Film Festival team and will premiere at this wonderful festival,” said Sinclair.

“The Ford Mustang is an iconic automobile launched in 1964, which has had an amazing 50-year run. The storied beginning of this car with Henry Ford II and Lee Iacocca, as well as its association with great films and television like Steve McQueen in Bullitt and Sean Connery in James Bond are all part of the legend.

“David’s film reveals the 50th anniversary car – commissioned during the depths of the 2008 recession – and the fascinating nature of how a brand-new automobile is designed, engineered, built and distributed. David has found an incredible way to tell this story. We are proud to work with David Gelb, Mark Monroe, Glen Zipper and the whole creative team.”

The White Horse slate includes Ron Howard’s Untitled Beatles Documentary that is currently in post-production and is being produced with Apple Corps Ltd and Imagine Entertainment.

Posted July 17th, 2014
July 16, 2014 9:00 AM ET


When Ron Howard was 9 years old, he was already a national television star on The Andy Griffith Show – and there was only one thing he wanted for his next birthday. “The gift that I was begging for was a Beatle wig,” he tells Rolling Stone with a laugh. “And on March 1st, 1964, that’s what I got: the Beatle wig of my dreams.”

Now the Academy Award-winning director is coming full circle with his Fab Four obsession, having signed on to direct and produce an authorized, as-yet-untitled documentary about the touring years of the band’s career (approx. 1960-1966), a period in which the Beatles crossed the globe, sparked Beatlemania and released several classic albums (including A Hard Day’s Night and Rubber Soul). For it, he will interview surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, as well as talk with Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison (wife of the late George Harrison).

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