Amazing Journey
The Story of The Who
Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who is the definitive audio-visual record of the legendary British rock band, The Who. This epic document is drawn from integral themes of the band's music and lyrics, in order to capture the feel and attitude of one of The Who's greatest albums.
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Film Details
Status: In Release
Release date: November 6, 2007 (USA - DVD)
Country of origin: USA, UK
Language: English
Running time: 237 mins
Director: Murray Lerner, Paul Crowder
Genre: Music Documentary
Production Company: Spitfire Pictures, Trinifold
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Authorized by The Who, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Murray Lerner (Miles ElectricFestival) and co-director Paul Crowder (Once In A LifetimeRiding GiantsDogtown And Z-Boys), Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who explores the band’s ingenious bravado and its continuing evolution. The film moves from the group’s origins as a 1960s schoolboy R&B cover band, through their meteoric rise and artistic breakthroughs, to the infighting, the breakups and reconciliations, and the untimely deaths of drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwistle. In addition to never-before-seen private materials released by the group and its fans worldwide, the film includes interviews with prominent witnesses and personal friends.




The DVD release of Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who contains two supplementary films. The first extra comprises a series of mini-films providing greater depth about various aspects of The Who’s story. These mini-films, which may be viewed individually or as an artistically integrated whole, will contextualize the legend of The Who. They will explore in depth each band member’s innovative approach to his art, drawing on brand new interviews with some of the world’s top musical performers, alongside various other insights into the life and art of The Who.




The second supplementary film offers two live performances cut from never-before-seen concerts. Complete footage is featured from the London Coliseum in 1969, shot just as the band began to peak as the world’s greatest live act, and from Kilburn in 1977, the sister concert to the show immortalized in The Kids Are Alright. An important Who document in its own right, this film is indispensable to anybody interested in The Who and their music.


Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who is produced by The Who together with Spitfire Pictures, and Who managers Bill Curbishley and Robert Rosenberg at Trinifold.


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