White Horse Pictures proudly volunteers at The People Concern Access Center.


The Access Center in downtown Santa Monica serves as a safe space open daily for these vulnerable individuals to use. It is the point of entry for program participants and serves an average of 200-225 people daily.

The Access Center provides much needed services to low-income and no-income homeless individuals such as daily sack lunches and other meal programs, referrals to interim housing, community resources, a mail and message service, case management, emergency services and benefits assistance. Additional services include:

  • SHWASHLOCK: A shower, laundry, and locker program designed to provide program participants with the ability to maintain their hygiene.
  • The Access Center’s Outreach Team responds to calls from local businesses and community members and provides referrals to services for program participants.
  • An onsite medical suite in partnership with Venice Family Clinic provides much needed medical care to program participants Monday – Friday.
  • Housing placements


Find out more about The People Concern Access Center & how to volunteer by clicking this link.

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